Behind The Brand

Nessy spent her childhood surrounded by strong vibrant women, on the streets of New York and Amsterdam, the jungles of Surinam and the beaches of Miami. Brought up with a love of fabrics, colours and textures, she has always had a passion for beautiful things. When she arrived in the UK 15 years ago, she found the choice of clothing uninspiring – the high street stores selling the same, mass-produced unethical garments.

When pregnant with her daughter Eden she began her first collection of dresses, to create something feminine, stylish and comfortable, produced with integrity and value. Since 2006 Nessy has produced one collection a year, each with its own unique character. Nessy continues to be inspired by the style and glamour of the early 70s, the romance of travelling hippy chic, festivals, parties and beaches…

Spending winters in Goa for many years, Nessy has always been drawn to the fabrics and colours of India, recreating the visual feast for the eyes in the vibrancy and colours of her dresses. Drawing inspiration from the traditional fabrics worn by the women of Goa, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Kerala, Nessy works closely with her team of local artisans. She is committed to helping them work in a safe and nurturing environment with the security of sustained, fairly paid work. All dresses are hand made and one of a kind or from a limited number, using antique vintage saris or reclaimed cotton or sequin fabrics.

The result is a unique blend of traditional fabrics and indigenous craft techniques, with beautiful, contemporary funky designs to suit women of all shapes, ages and sizes.

Relax on the beach, stroll through the streets, or Nessy’s favourite – dance the night away with the sand beneath your feet and the stars above…