Shakti Dresses

      Introducing "The Shakti Dress" – Embrace Timeless Elegance and Empowerment
      The Shakti Dress is more than just a piece of clothing; it's a beautiful embodiment of tradition, empowerment, and the spirit of India. Crafted from vintage Indian wedding-embroidered Dupathis, each dress tells a unique story and is a result of a labor of love involving independent Indian women and the villages they support in Gujarat.

      The creation of The Shakti Dress is a journey that uplifts women and small villages in the heart of India. With the help of dedicated independent Indian women, we source these Dupathis by venturing into the very villages from which these exquisite scarves originate. Your purchase of The Shakti Dress contributes to a chain of empowerment, making a meaningful impact.

      Just like the women behind its creation, each Shakti Dress is unique. It takes two Dupathis to craft one dress, ensuring that no two dresses are alike. You're not just wearing a dress; you're embracing a piece of art and a story that is exclusively yours.

      The Shakti Dress features a sultry open back, reminiscent of the enchanting Rajasthan gypsy blouse. The full skirt adds a touch of grace and allure. It's a dress that transports you to the vibrant streets of India and the free-spirited gypsy lifestyle.

      7 products

      7 products